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The Supremacy of God Over All Things
  • A HIGH VIEW OF GOD: We proclaim a God-exalting theology, God-centered worldview, and God-glorifying approach to life and ministry.

  • GOD-HONORING WORSHIP: We cultivate a transcendent worship which produces the fear of God and great joy.

  • GOD-DRIVEN CONVICTIONS: We promote a passion for God’s holy name and a defense of His glorious reputation.

The Sovereignty of God in All Aspects of Salvation
  • RADICAL DEPRAVITY: We hold that man is fallen and corrupt to the core of his being through Adam’s disobedience, resulting in the depravity of the entire human race.


  • SOVEREIGN GRACE: We believe that salvation is rooted in God’s gracious choice of undeserving sinners in eternity past, guaranteeing their conversion in due time and their glorification for all time.


  • DIVINE REGENERATION: We maintain that the new birth is a sovereign, supernatural work of the Holy Spirit that cannot be coerced or manipulated by man. 


  • UNION WITH CHRIST: We affirm that the new birth is followed by conversion (repentance and faith) and God’s progressive sanctification—inevitably leading to a transformed life of gratitude and growing conformity to Christ. 


  • HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY: We assert that every person is individually accountable to God for repenting and believing in Jesus Christ.


  • GLOBAL PROCLAMATION: We affirm that the gospel should be preached to all the world and to every creature.

The Sufficiency of Scripture in All of Life
  • DIVINE REVELATION: We affirm the full inspiration, complete inerrancy, and total infallibility of Scripture.


  • BIBLICAL AUTHORITY: We uphold Scripture as the final and ultimate authority for the life of the church and for every believer.


  • THE FULL COUNSEL OF GOD: We acknowledge that Scripture is sufficient for all matters of faith and life, including equipping the saints for spiritual growth, guidance, counseling, and ministry.


  • EXPOSITORY PREACHING: We insist that Scripture should be preached and taught in the power of the Holy Spirit, giving careful attention to sound doctrine and defending the faith.

Our Pastors and Elders:
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Elder Pastor


Elder Pastor

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Senior Deacon

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